Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life is a wreck

It doesn't take long for anyone to realize that life is a wreck, its a mess, everyone and everything is pretty well screwed up, or so it seems! we turn on the TV we see pain, we read the paper we see destruction in various ways, we drive a car and it breaks down...all the time!

"The sheer quantity of wreckage around us is appalling: wrecked bodies, wrecked marriages, wrecked careers, wrecked plans, wrecked families, wrecked alliances, wrecked friendships, wrecked prosperity. We avert our eyes. We try not to dwell on it. We whistle in the dark. We wake up in the morning hoping for health and love, justice and success, we build quick mental and emotional defenses against the inrush of bad news, and we try to keep our hopes up. And then some kind of crash or other puts us or someone we care about in a pile of wreckage. Newspapers document the ruins with photographs and headlines. Our own hearts and journals fill in the details. Are there any promises, any hopes that are exempt from the general carnage? It doesn't seem so."-Eugene Peterson, Working the Angles.

It all seems so hopeless, so pointless, so...sad! Everyone on some level has struggles in life, everyone of us has some sin that we cant seem to overcome! it can seem so utterly depressing!

This i think is one of the many reasons why Jesus was/is so appealing, hes not a wreck! he was consistent and whole. that being said we made a wreck of him, we took the one and only thing that was not screwed up and beat it to a pulp! how hopeless can we get?

it almost seems that we as humans cannot handle something or someone that is not a wreck. Adam and Eve couldn't. The Israelite's couldn't. The Pharisees couldn't. And we can't either. Does it ever bother you when people are doing really well on any level at all. we seem to become jealous and upset because it isn't us that is doing well. or when someone is doing well especially spiritually it can be so easy for us as humans to be annoyed by that person and think of them as a "goodie two shoes." it would seem that on some level, somewhere within us we hate what is good or that which is not a wreck!

However (and thank the LORD) there is hope, there is freedom, there is LIFE! "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."-John 10:10

It can be cliche or obvious but it is the simple truth. Freedom from this wreck of a life is found in Jesus. man alive i don't know how people get by in the life without HIM. i could never do it.

Having this hope and faith in Christ of course does not mean that life wont be hard, or that the world around us will stop crumbling. but on a certain level it does help give us some understanding of this world, we can see it in a new light and know that this world is messed but Christ is not finished with it yet, and there will be restoration! And above all else we have Christ to rest in for his "yoke is easy and his burden is light."-Matthew 11:30

-bent ;)

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