Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Church Sunday: This Sunday

I am quite excited about this coming Sunday which we are calling Back to Church Sunday.

I know that there are many people living in our community who have gone to church at one time or other.

You could be that person that God will use to encourage them to make the journey back to God, in many cases, and then back to church where they can find good care and support.

Please pray for this service and that God would soften the hearts of many who are invited. Let us trust God for a positive response from the invitations you and I will extend.

I am told that only 2% of Christians invite people to church and also that many people would return if they were invited.

Let’s be faithful in doing our part to lovingly invite them and believe God for amazing results.

So, go for it, be bold and invite someone that you have already developed a relationship with.

For God’s glory and the building up of His kingdom,

Pastor Henry

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