Friday, October 15, 2010

Small Business Week in the Boundary

What do people who are committed to Jesus as Lord of their life do Monday to Saturday, outside of church? They serve their communities through volunteer work and through their businesses. Through business, Christians can impact the community by providing services and goods that are needed in a community. By operating their business with entrepeneurial spirit and integrity, and by being wise stewards of the Earth's provision, their calling is publically lived out, bringing glory to God.
Last night I attended an awards ceremony at the Community Futures Boundary Offices in Grand Forks to acknowledge the contribution of small and medium size businesses to the well being of the community. I was surprised to find many Gospel Chapel members in attendance and even more surprised to see the number of Gospel Chapel members that had been nominated to receive awards.

The first three awards stood out in the event because they were awards that relied on community nominations rather than internal criteria from Community Futures Boundary. There were many nominations for each award, as you can imagine, in a community as diverse as the Boundary. Nominations were made for businesses and community groups from Christina Lake to Beaverdell.
Gospel Chapel members received 2 out of 3 community business awards last night at the Community Futures Small Business Week Awards -- Congratulations to Bill and Cheryl Williams of Mobetta Farms and to Jackie Wolff of Yakie Jackie's Cafe for your successful contributions to the community through your businesses.
Bill and Cheryl run a certified organic vegetable farm in Grand Forks. Mobetta Farm employs not just the family but also area youth. They are committed to taking care of the soil and stewarding the land in an ethical way and their green contribution to the community was acknowledged in a special Green Entrepeneur award, sponsored by The Boundary Sentinel.

Yakie Jackie's Cafe was awarded the Community Entrepeneur of the Year award. Yakie Jackie's Cafe was started in 2009 and has become a community meeting place with great food, really good coffee, and a peaceful atmosphere -- a gathering place. Open for breakfast and lunch only, it is the place to meet a friend for coffee and a snack. These awards were nominated by the community at large and presented by Community Futures Boundary.
Thanks for being salt and light in our community, Jackie, Cheryl and Bill.

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