Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thailand or Bust! Team Thai is on a Mission

A twelve-person team from Gospel Chapel will travel to Thailand January 12-30, 2012. Nicknamed: “Team Thai,” they will have a lot of work to do in this mainly Buddhist (92%) country! Ministering alongside veteran MB missionaries Ricky & Karen Sanchez and their four daughters (Sierra, Tassanee, McKenna & Aree), as well as Gospel Chapel’s own Dave & Bonny Dittrich who are already in Thailand.

The area Team Thai is traveling to is Chonburi, on the Gulf of Thailand. Chonburi has an international harbor and trades with countries all over the world. This area is also a fishing center for the central Thailand region. The small village Team Thai will work in is called Ang Sila { Latitude. 13.3°, Longitude. 100.93° }.

The team will be working primarily with the Abundant Life Home (ALH) project – which is an HIV+ orphanage located in the small, rural fishing village of Ang Sila (about an hour southeast from Bangkok). Team Thai will assist with repair (and future preventative) work from the devastating floods experienced late last year, conduct a 4-day VBS-type program (evangelistic) in a nearby slum area, provide respite for the orphanage care-takers who never get a day off(!) as well as construction and finishing projects at the orphanage and surrounding area. Basically, we will be doing whatever tasks are assigned to us. We are thankful for the opportunity to help.

Team Thai ‘s original mandate was to be of assistance in whatever way was requested at the ALH orphanage. The severity of the flooding this past year has altered (or added to!?) this mandate, for which the team is ready and willing to help. The “official” missions trip will “end” January 23/12, however the team has chosen to stay an extra week to finish projects and offer needed assistance. As a result, this extra week’s expenses will be covered by each participant. The majority of the trip cost is the flight to Thailand -- which is partially why the team agreed to stay longer (once there, why not offer all the help possible?!).

The selection of the members of Team Thai was an interesting collaboration of God’s prompting and individual responses. In order for teams to work well together, their attitudes and wills must be flexible and sensitive to God’s Spirit. The team selected by God to work together in Thailand is fantastic! We look forward to reporting back to you in February.
Team Thai wants to thank you, Gospel Chapel for your love and support!

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